What can you use a substitute battery for a minolta hi-matic F camera?

Answer A WEIN MRB625 Zinc/Air should be used.

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Can you change the lens on a Minolta Hi-matic 11 camera?

No. The lens on your Minolta Hi-Matic 11 is permanently attached. Removing it would destroy the camera.

What size lens cap will fit a Minolta Hi-Matic F?

Hi Liam, congrats on your purchase. I'd wait and see if the camera actually works or not before going out and buying things for it though. Often cameras, particularly vintage consumer grade ones,... Read More »

Can a Minolta AF 70-210 Zoom lens work on a Minolta digital camera?

What digital camera matches a Minolta 370 camera body?

The vast majority of today's digital SLR bodies feature a range of automatic metering and focusing options as well as a motor drive, making them quite different from the Minolta X-370 body, which f... Read More »