What can you tell me about abnormal disproportionate looking chest cavity?

Answer Cavity? Or just a disproportionate chest? Hard to answer without knowing your age. Some parts of the the body grow at different rates, and from around 12 to 18 or so, your body can look very strang... Read More »

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Can a women's specialist tell you an abnormal Pap smear is cancer right away with looking at you?

This makes no sense. You don't get cancer from a bf. Abnormal pap tests are diagnosed under a microscope.

What should I do about a cavity?

It wouldn't hurt to let the dentist to check it out. If you let it go you will have more trouble!

How to Get a Younger Looking Chest?

As you get older, your skin thins out, especially around the chest area. Thinner skin leaves your chest more susceptible to sun damage than it was before, so it is going to need a little extra care... Read More »

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