How to Maintain Knowledge Management for a National Building?

Answer Some employees are great at certain tasks, while not so good at others. Knowledge Management (KM) encourages employees to share their knowledge with each other to better the organization. The KM pr... Read More »

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Can a home owners association attach my bank account for fees without my knowledge?

Attaching your bank account generally means that a valid presentation of debt has been supplied to a court, a judgment rendered dictating that you owe the debt, and the judgment presented to the ba... Read More »

What are the challenges of Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management (KM) is an interdisciplinary approach to collecting, sharing and managing information in an organization, according to Richard Rubin, author of "Foundations of Library and Info... Read More »

How to Use Mind Maps for Knowledge Management?

Anybody studying for a test or wanting to remember a lot of information for a presentation can benefit from learning how to efficiently use mind maps for knowledge management. Mind maps are essenti... Read More »

Courses in Knowledge and Information Management?

Although considered a relatively new discipline that came to prominence during the 1990s, knowledge and information management is an essential part of any organization. It enables the effective uti... Read More »