What can you take for trapped wind while pregnant?

Answer Answer Peppermint always works good. Try chewing some peppermint sugarless gum.You can get peppermint water too.

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Is it normal for a pregnant woman to have pains that feel like trapped wind?

Answer Most likely it is trapped wind or gas pains. The excess progesterone in a pregnant woman's system slows down your digestive processes and can cause gas and bloating. If you think it is somet... Read More »

Can you take anti-depressants such as Zoloft while pregnant and what if you took them before you found out you were pregnant?

AnswerYou need to read the leaflet to find out for definite or speak to your doctor. Taking medication which your not allowed to during pregnancy can cause birth defects or miscarriage.No it is NOT... Read More »

How do I relieve trapped wind in my chest?

Ive seen this on casualty, jab a scalpel in and wedge an empty biro tube into the hole to let the air escape.

I this Trapped Wind or Appendicitis?

Probably intestinal gas. Take something for it. Appendicitis pain typically starts as a dull ache around the naval -- above, below, to the right or left --- that migrates to the lower, right q... Read More »