What can you take for trapped wind while pregnant?

Answer Answer Peppermint always works good. Try chewing some peppermint sugarless gum.You can get peppermint water too.

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Is it normal for a pregnant woman to have pains that feel like trapped wind?

Answer Most likely it is trapped wind or gas pains. The excess progesterone in a pregnant woman's system slows down your digestive processes and can cause gas and bloating. If you think it is somet... Read More »

I this Trapped Wind or Appendicitis?

Probably intestinal gas. Take something for it. Appendicitis pain typically starts as a dull ache around the naval -- above, below, to the right or left --- that migrates to the lower, right q... Read More »

Help!! I have the worst trapped wind in the world right now!!?

I suggest that pain this severe may be something else, see a school nurse, infirmary help, or a doctor better yet. In the mean time, this next suggestion won't hurt you, accept the taste may not be... Read More »

How do I relieve trapped wind in my chest?

Ive seen this on casualty, jab a scalpel in and wedge an empty biro tube into the hole to let the air escape.