What can you take for gas BEING PREGNANT?

Answer Answer Moderate exercise, doing it.Another option is watching what you eat (being pregnant, it's hard, I KNOW), also you can drink milk, it soothes your stomach's troubles in NO time!

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What can you take for gas pain being pregnant?

You can actually take tums...the only thing about tums is that you should take 1 tum instead of the recommended 2-4 during the heartburn/gas symptom.

Can you take a darvaset being pregnant?

It's not known what it can do to a fetus but to a newborn it can affect the breathing. You have to ask your doctor. In general for pregnant women can take Tylenol and if they need it regularly or n... Read More »

May you take anything while being pregnant?

Alcohol Cigarettes and Pot always cause harm to both you and the baby, and while it can be argued that it is your business what self harm you cause in entertaining yourself, the same can not be rea... Read More »

Can you take laxatives while being pregnant?

It isn't wise, but if you need relief, try prune juice, a fiber suppliment, or glycerin suppositories.