What can you replace cornmeal with in cornbread for corn allergies?

Answer You should not attempt to even feed a allergic person that even if yo find a way to get rid of the cornmeal, but then it wouldn't be cornbread anymore would it? It would to terrible, just like brea... Read More »

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How to Live With Allergies to Corn?

It can be very difficult to live with allergies to corn because corn is such a common ingredient and also a vital source of nutrition. Corn allergy symptoms are often noticed during childhood. If s... Read More »

Can you replace corn meal with corn flour?

Corn meal, the result of grinding kernels of dried corn, is coarse and gritty. Corn flour is finely ground corn that produces smooth-textured food and can replace corn meal in recipes.Source:Using ... Read More »

Can you have cornmeal on Atkins?

The Atkins diet reduces the amount of carbs consumed so the body will burn stored fat instead of carbs. On Atkins, you can consume 5 to 15g of net carbs--the total amount of carbs minus fiber. Corn... Read More »

Can you help me jazz up my cornbread?

butterhoney butter if you are feeling saucy