What can you put on the floors to keep a cat from urinating on it?

Answer Cats don't urinate on the floor out of spite or laziness. While putting repellents on the floor may keep the cat away, it may begin urinating in another spot. A more permanent solution is to resolv... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Cat from Urinating Where It Shouldn't?

If you believe that cats always use the litter pan, you've never owned a cat. For every cat that uses the pan, even when it has gotten to the state of a camping ground outhouse, there is another wh... Read More »

Does spaying your cat keep her from urinating everywhere?

On One Hand: Spaying Can Stop Inappropriate UrinationIn addition to constantly calling and meowing, unspayed female cats urinate indiscriminately around the house to let males know where they are. ... Read More »

How to Keep Wood Floors From Popping?

Wood floors may cause a large array of sounds when walking on them. Floors can squeak, creak, crackle and pop in different areas of a home. Wood naturally shrinks with age and can cause the origina... Read More »

How do I keep concrete floors from sweating?

Clean the Concrete FloorClean concrete floors to remove deposits by using commercial cleaning agents in vacuum cleaners or other floor scrubbing machines.Use a DehumidifierExamine air movements in ... Read More »