What can you put on a sunburn to make it go away fast?

Answer As a fair skinned child, I'd get sun burned A LOT. My mom would make up a corn starch and water paste and put it on the burn. It'd dry out and flake off. But the burn would be gone in no time, and ... Read More »

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How to heal a sunburn FAST!!!!!!!?

first aid / burn spray from wallgreens or wallmart. it is easyer to apply since the spray you do not have to rub. it will burn at first but it will numb after 5 seconds. heals days faster than any... Read More »

I need the REDNESS out of my sunburn FAST please help!?

Chapstick, Chapstick, Chapstick!! Use lots of it. I'm telling you it makes the redness go right away!! Not aloe because aloe only soothes the burn, it doesn't make the red go away. And anyways at p... Read More »

OUCH! Need sunburn relief - FAST...?

Try going to a drug store and getting a product that has an aloe vera gel and putting it in the refridgerator before you put it on. That usually works for me!

How To Reduce Redness of Sunburn - FAST!?

Use cool compresses tonight. You can fill a large bowl with cool water and add a couple of tablespoon of white vinegar to it. Be careful to not get it in your eyes though. The cool water will help ... Read More »