What can you put on a burn to make it feel better?

Answer i use ice on my burns

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How can I make my arm burn feel better?

Run it under cool water --not cold-- for at least 10 minutes. Do that right away. After the 10 minutes if it still hurts in a "burning" kind of way, then keep running water over it. Once it stops h... Read More »

If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?

Every culture and every individual has a hangover cure. There are lots of interesting variations but a few basics are always the same.First of all alcohol makes you pee a lot. In fact you pee out ... Read More »

What would make me feel better?

You need to not go to the softball game.Take a nice warm shower and drink plenty of fluids and rest.

What can make my knee feel better?

Ice and ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation. Also elevate it.It's probably itching because the skin is taut over the swelling. When the swelling goes down the itching will probably go a... Read More »