What can you put in your yard to kill stickers?

Answer A MSMA post-emergent weed killer will get rid of your stickers, or sandbur. You should repeat the application after 10 days. Make sure to mow your yard before applying the weed killer.References:ag... Read More »

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How do I get rid of stickers in a yard?

HerbicidesUse herbicides or weed killers to eliminate stickers in your yard. Most stickers grow on annual weeds like cocklebur, thistle and puncture vine. Selective herbicides kill these plants wit... Read More »

How do I kill everything in my yard so nothing will ever grow.?

How do i kill wasps in my yard?

Look for wasp nests in quiet, shady, out-of-the-way areas. Or watch them as they fly and wait for them to return to their nest. Treating their nest is the best way to kill wasps in your yard.Purcha... Read More »

How do i kill the moles in my yard?

There is nothing worse than walking outside on a beautiful, warm day to see mounds of dirt, followed by several holes. Though moles are not inherently dangerous, they can ruin the aesthetics of a y... Read More »