What can you put in car gas to make it smell like fruit ?

Answer A fruity fragrance but that might be dangerous! lol

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How to Smell Like Fruit?

People don't naturally smell like fruit, and dabbing a little orange juice behind your ears has a limited short-term effect. So, you'll need a little help if you want to smell really peachy. Embrac... Read More »

Which fruit in the world has the worst smell.?

it is the durian fruit - hands down.This foul smelling fruit is in a large pod that has to be hacked open to get to the fleshy pulp.The real irony is is that it is also one of the tastiest fruits o... Read More »

How can I make my laundry hamper smell better I just opened it and nearly vomited from the smell?

I would spray Fabreeze deoderizer in it each time u empy it to do wash...and dont let wash pile up or put wet things in hamper..drape wet towels to dry first

How can i make my fridge smell nice cleaned it all out but still a smell?

Rub it down with lemon juice afterwards :o)