What can you make with dill weed?

Answer Dill is commonly used in soups and pickling. It can be added to sauces for fish. It is in several types of bread. It can be mixed with sour cream or cream cheese for a dip. The seed heads can b... Read More »

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How much dried dill weed equals head of dill weed?

When using dill, you will find that both the feathery leaves and the flower heads can be used. Most often the flower heads are allowed to mature and harvested as dill seed. I usually get about a t... Read More »

How to Cook With Dill Weed & Seed?

Dill weed is an herb whose seed and leaves can both be used in cooking. While many people may only be familiar with its use in making pickles, dill is much more versatile than that. The herb has a ... Read More »

Dill Seed Vs. Dill Weed?

Dill, a native of the Mediterranean, belongs to the parsley family and has a long history of usage by humans. Today, growers cultivate dill in many parts of the world, with India and Pakistan havin... Read More »

What does dill weed taste like?

Like a dill pickle without the vinegar and cucumber and salt.