What can you make out of halogen?

Answer Most people do not realize that halogen is not an element, but a group of elements. The halogens are not naturally found in their most basic form; rather, they exist as salts.FluorineWhile it plays... Read More »

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What is a halogen hob?

While using a gas or electric oven is common in most homes, some opt for halogen cooktops, also known as halogen hobs. The power of a halogen hob provides the cook the speed of gas power with the r... Read More »

Is Kr a halogen?

Kr, or krypton, is not a halogen. The elements that make up the halogen group are: flourine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. Krypton is a noble gas and only exists in the atmosphere in trac... Read More »

What is a halogen cooker?

A halogen cooker cooks food by converting electricity into heat using halogen light bulbs. The heat emitted cooks the food located below the bulbs in less time than a conventional oven, while using... Read More »

Is a halogen a hydrocarbon?

Halogens and hydrocarbons are distinctly different chemical substances. Halogens are elements located in Group VII of the periodic table of elements and include fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodi... Read More »