What can you go to college to be and it only take a year?

Answer Certified Nursing Assistant Hospital Lab-Draw Blood Medical Assistant

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Do you attend to 2-year community college in two years only, and no more than two?

You can attend a 2-year college for more than 2 years. It's referred to as a 2-year school because if you attend full-time, you can typically complete your degree in 2 years. Obviously, if you at... Read More »

Good Classes to Take Your Freshman Year of College?

If you're getting ready to attend college, then enrolling in your first semester of classes is a very important milestone. The classes you take throughout your college career and the order that you... Read More »

Should I take out a $28,000 student loan my freshman year of college?

Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree in sociology will not take you that far in life. It will be hard paying back those loans with that type of degree and a job related in that field.Also, be careful... Read More »

What can you do if your 15 year old stepdaughter left with her 22 year old boyfriend in scranton PA and only calls the boys house to say shes not coming back and we live in another country HELP?

In any state in the U.S. that is by far illegal. But in order to press charges the custodial parent or guardian would need to press charges. Of course there are other ways, you can always contact t... Read More »