What can you give your two month baby if she have a cough and a fever?

Answer A trip to the emergency room!

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What if my 5 month old baby has had fever and cough for 3 weeks now?

Seek medical attention immediately! Could be a sign of an infection or some more serious condition that could be very dangerous to an infants health if not treated quickly.

What is it when a 7 month old infant has a runny but stuffy nose with a loose hacking cough and no fever?

You are a child who looks like a very old person. Bald, wrinkly, bad eyes, etc.

What do you have to do when a 9 month year old baby has cough stuck in her chest?

It is usually due to viral infection though bacterial infection can also cause diarrhea.

What do you do if a 6 month baby has a fever of 103.5?

When I was a child my mother used Zinc Ointment. But my first suggestion would be to take the child to a skin Dr. Hope this helps.Use emollients every day. Do not hesitate to apply topical steroids... Read More »