What can you give your dog when it has diarrhea?

Answer You may be able to treat your dog for simple diarrhea at home. If the stool is bloody or foul smelling, has mucus or continues longer than two days, or if your dog has a rectal temperature over 103... Read More »

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What to Give Your Pooch for Dog Diarrhea?

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Your baby has diarrhea what food can you give her?

It is usually due to viral infection though bacterial infection can also cause diarrhea.

What can I give my dog for diarrhea?

Diarrhea is an annoying and potentially dangerous condition for your dog. Diarrhea may be the result of an infection, dietary discretion or even a blockage or tumor. Severe diarrhea should only be... Read More »

What do you give dogs for diarrhea?

It is not uncommon for a dog to develop diarrhea, and most of the time, diarrhea is not a serious issue. However, diarrhea that is unusual or reoccurring should be brought to the attention of a vet... Read More »