What Kinds of Chew Sticks Are OK for a 7-Week-Old Puppy?

Answer Puppies use their teeth and mouth to explore the world, much like a human toddler. They bite each other, humans, toys and anything they find because they have an innate need to chew. Providing your... Read More »

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How to Stop a Beagle Puppy From Teething?

A teething beagle puppy is frustrating to your household because of the many things that the puppy will chew on, from shoes to furniture to flooring. (See References 1) Puppies can't help teething,... Read More »

How long does puppy teething last?

Puppy teething usually lasts for several months as their adult teeth come in and push out the baby teeth. Puppies chew and bite on anything they can find to relieve the discomfort. Some puppies als... Read More »

How to Stop a Teething Puppy From Biting You?

Getting a puppy is a fun and exciting experience, whether it's your first dog or your 10th. But puppies enter a destructive phase at the age of 2 months, when they begin teething. They seek ways to... Read More »

When can i give my puppy his rabies shots?

Puppies can and should be vaccinated for rabies at 16 weeks of age. Until that time, puppies are largely protected by the mother's antibodies, which are passed on to the puppies during nursing. Wai... Read More »