What can you give a dog to stop itching?

Answer An itchy dog is a miserable dog. Most itching in dogs has to do with causes that are not a simple fix, so it's important to determine the root cause of the itching. However, there are some quick th... Read More »

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What can I put on a bee sting to stop the itching?

benadryl - start thathopefully, you'll get relief soon!

I have a mosquito bite >.<, what can i do to stop it itching?

Hate that itch when you've been bitten by a mosquito? Well I stumbled upon a way to end the itch of a mosquito bite instantly! I hate mosquitos. I hate the awful itch that comes from their bite-eve... Read More »

What to do when you cant stop itching a mosquito bite?

What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?

Benedryl cream will do the trick. Will reduce the itching and keep infection down too. Good Luck!