What can you give a cat for itchy skin?

Answer Allergies, dry skin, fleas or other parasites can all contribute to itchy skin. If you cannot identify the cause of itching in your cat, you should contact your veterinarian.Steroid OintmentApply a... Read More »

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What Are Small Itchy Bumps on Skin?

Small itchy bumps on the skin can result from a number of skin conditions and/or allergies. Problems may arise from an allergic reaction to a product or material, an insect bite, a skin disease suc... Read More »

What are the causes of dry, red&itchy skin in dogs?

Canines can suffer from a plethora of health issues that can cause dry, red or itchy skin. Understanding the potential causes of these conditions is beneficial for owners of any breed and can aid i... Read More »

What are the treatments for itchy skin on dogs?

Itchy skin can make any dog feel miserable. Fortunately, most problems can be treated at home. However, a veterinarian will have to diagnose the cause, and prescribe treatments for some of those it... Read More »

What dog food helps with itchy skin?

On One Hand: A Nutritional Diet HelpsA meat-based diet that dogs get with premium foods can keep their skin from becoming dry and itchy. Dry dog food should have meat, such as beef, lamb, poultry o... Read More »