What can you eat with a master cleanse?

Answer On One Hand: Don't Eat AnythingThe master cleanse is a fasting diet where participants do not consume any food for a period of time. The fast lasts from 10 to 40 days, and reportedly has the benefi... Read More »

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Should I Try a Master Cleanse?

The route to becoming a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps is tightly structured and highly competitive. The Officer Candidate School material notes that "You cannot simply 'join' t... Read More »

Can you smoke on the Master Cleanse?

On One Hand: Smoking Not RecommendedStanley Burroughs promoted his Master Cleanse as a detoxification diet; the cleanse claims to remove accumulated toxins from the body, helping to reverse the ef... Read More »

What is the master cleanse diet?

The theory behind a detoxification cleanse is that toxins build up in the body through waste left in the intestines, leading to weight gain and health problems. Other causes of toxin build-up are t... Read More »

Where can i buy the ingredients for the master cleanse?