What can you eat on the Zone diet?

Answer According to, protein is limited to low-fat choices the thickness and size of your palm. Two fist sizes of vegetables or fruit per day are allowed unless high in sugar or starch, t... Read More »

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How to Understand the Zone Diet?

The word diet is Greek for "way of life." You've probably heard people say, "I'm not on a diet. I'm making a lifestyle change." Ironically, any diet is a plan to change your eating habits for life.... Read More »

What are the differences between an adequate diet balanced diet moderate diet and varied diet?

An adequate diet contains all nutrients necessary for long-term survival. It may not necessarily be optimal or have any variety. A balanced diet refers to a diet that does not have too much of jus... Read More »

What to do at speed limit signs when entering 100km zone from 60km zone?

Once you pass the sign you may accelerate to 100kmph When approaching a sign requiring a slower speed you must reduce your speed to the slower indicated speed before you reach the sign. This is tru... Read More »

What zone lies just below the pelagic zone?

According to Science Clarified, the layer of water just below the pelagic zone is called the benthic zone. This zone pertains to the ocean floor and actually extends from the shoreline to the abyss... Read More »