What can you eat after just having teeth removed?

Answer Soft foods yogurt, jello, mashed potatoes, soups - you get the picture

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Just what is it like having wisdom teeth removed?

Just tell your oral surgeon that you would like to be put under general anestheia, this way you won't know a thing. I had all 4 removed at the same time when I was 22 and I only wish I'd had it do... Read More »

When can I smoke after having wisdom teeth removed?

It is a good time to quit. But if you're not going to, wait until your post-op appointment and ask your dentist. When you are allowed to use a straw again is probably the time smoking would not be ... Read More »

Why is my face itchy after having my wisdom teeth removed?

This is very common and should subside within a few days or up to a week. It can be aftermath from the medication they used to put you under, but more likely it is from having your mouth widely ope... Read More »

Do you have to put a scarf around your mouth so it doesn't get infected after having teeth removed?

Answer No, do not wrap your face with a scarf. Your dental surgeon should give you instructions for what to do after extractions. Avoid exercise and exertion, avoid alcohol and smoking. Do not d... Read More »