What can you do with an external DVD burner?

Answer External drives provide unprecedented flexibility in usage and portability. With an external DVD burner, you can add many functions to any machine that has a USB plug.DVD playbackYou can use an ext... Read More »

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What external lightscribe burner can i use on mac ?

It is not the drive but whether it comes with mac s/w i believe roxio do mac compatible lightscribe s/w1 quick google and i found this…

How do I add an external DVD burner to a Macbook?

Install the DriversInsert the CD that came with your DVD burner, and install the drivers for your external drive before connecting the drive to your MacBook. Apple notes that many external burners ... Read More »

Will an external DVD burner play games?

An external DVD drive works in the same fashion as an internal DVD drive and is capable of the same functions, which include playing games. The majority of external DVD drives connect through the U... Read More »

What is the difference between an external&internal dvd burner?

The biggest difference between an internal DVD burner and an external one is where they are located. An internal burner is installed on your computer, while an external DVD burner is connected to t... Read More »