What can you do with a teaching degree?

Answer Most students pursue a teaching degree with the intention of becoming a teacher. But what if an educator discovers the traditional classroom isn't the right fit for him? Are other job opportunities... Read More »

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What kind of job can I get with a teaching degree?

While most people who earn a teaching degree pursue a career as a classroom teacher, many find other interests or opportunities that provide viable career options in related fields. Your training a... Read More »

What 2 Year Degree Should You Get for a Teaching Degree?

Two-year degrees in education offer prospective teachers basic methods for managing classrooms and also resources for transfer to four-year degree programs. Though most states require teachers to o... Read More »

How to Apply for a Teaching Credential With a Bachelor's Degree in a Different Discipline?

People change careers frequently, and teaching is a discipline that sees many newcomers who began working in another field. It is not uncommon for people with degrees in something besides education... Read More »

What Is Needed to Get a Teaching Degree?

To obtain a teaching degree you can either major in education as an undergraduate, or enter a masters program for education. Additional standardized tests and student teaching hours are required in... Read More »