What can you do with a social science degree?

Answer Getting a social science degree--whether at the bachelor's, master's or doctorate level--entails completion of a program involving the scientific study of human society and people's interaction wit... Read More »

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What does a degree in social science entail?

A social science degree program provided by universities is a flexible major. Students will have the opportunity to study their choice of career disciplines including: teaching, criminal justice, p... Read More »

How to Help Fourth Graders With Nonfiction Reading, Science and Social Science?

Making the leap from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" has usually occurred by fourth grade. Sometimes children have not. That becomes a problem where nonfiction subjects are concerned, such... Read More »

The Difference Between Physical Science & Social Science?

Physical and social sciences, two large categories that each include a variety of fields, are each concerned with scientific description of observable phenomena. The approach each takes in that pur... Read More »

The Difference Between an Art Degree and a Science Degree?

Bachelor's degrees within a major are not always the same; the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science designations sometimes are awarded for the same major depending on a student's course of stud... Read More »