What can you do with a liberal studies degree?

Answer A bachelor's degree in liberal arts emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. A liberal arts major receives a broad education, learning about culture, society and civilizati... Read More »

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What can I do with a degree in liberal studies?

Obtaining a degree in liberal studies not only gives students an opportunity to choose from a variety of college courses, but also prepares them for several different career fields. These include t... Read More »

What Does It Mean to Have a Liberal Studies Degree?

For a more holistic approach to education, liberal studies can broaden the mind of students in any field of study. Essentially, rather than four years of just one subject area, students are encoura... Read More »

What is an associate's degree in liberal studies?

An associate's degree in liberal studies is a degree program that specializes in a general studies curriculum without a specific degree major. Among the courses you would take in a liberal studies ... Read More »

Good Things About a Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree?

A bachelor's degree in liberal studies is typically a flexible degree program allowing a student to study a broad range of subjects in the liberal arts and sciences. It is especially suitable for t... Read More »