What can you do with a laptop?

Answer Laptop computers revolutionize the way we work and play. They remove the shackles of time and space and allow creative people to produce more wherever they choose to work. Laptops are just as usefu... Read More »

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What can be done with a laptop with blu-ray vs a laptop without blu-ray?

LG Cinema 3D is probably the best one to go for if you want a theater-like 3D experience. LG Cinema 3D series use the same technology as the movie theater 3D screens (as opposed to shutter glasses ... Read More »

Should i replace my broken pc with a laptop or get another pcIs internet more expensive on a laptop?

If you are doing serious work get a desktop machine with a decent monitor keyboard and mouse.if you are just browsing the Internet and sending a few emails then get a laptop.Which ever machine you ... Read More »

Laptop Owners: Have you ever caught yourself taking your laptop with you to the bathroom when you need to go?

dude, that is what wireless networks are made for.

Can anyone help with tv tuner (Dell) and laptop connection does laptop have to stay on alltime to record?

The computer needs to be on all the time to record TV programs you can burn them onto a DVD I use Nero 7.0 to do that. Hope this helps