What can you do with a degree in photography?

Answer Earning a bachelor's degree in photography can lead you toward many career paths. In some cases, photography majors concentrate on the artistic aspects of photographs, while others take an interest... Read More »

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What is required for a photography degree?

There are many avenues to acquiring a degree in photography. Among the serious considerations you need to take into account when deciding which program to follow are your career goals, and the amou... Read More »

What kind of degree is needed for photography?

No degree is needed you must have four years of collage! You have to work really hard to get where you want with Photography! Goood! Luck to yas!

What colleges in Virginia offer a degree in photography?

What degree does forensic photography require?

Forensic photography is a highly competitive field that does not always require a degree. The forensic photographer must become certified, however. The certification requirements are 40 hours of cl... Read More »