What can you do to stop your brother from telling you what to do?

Answer Be clear to yourself. What are you doing that your brother is telling you to do? Are you not doing your chores? Are you fooling around the house? Have you don your homework? Thins like this if you ... Read More »

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How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch! feed her moldy food, or something equally as repu... Read More »

How to Stop Your Mom from Telling Everyone You Got Your Period?

A milestone in your life, but not one that you'd want to share with every single person on earth right? Follow these steps to have a conversation with your mother to get her to stop shouting it fro... Read More »

How to Get Your Coworker to Stop Telling You How to Do Your Job?

Should a bossy person rule the roost in the workplace? While some people will suggest that bossiness is in the eye of the beholder, a truly bossy coworker can make work life unpleasant and even dif... Read More »

How to Stop a Guy from Telling His Best Friend Ur Crush?

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