What can you do to stop self injury?

Answer Cutting is a VERY addictive thing.There is nothing wrong with you. I know it's easier said than done but try your best to ignore those idiots who don't realize that you are a person. Some things fo... Read More »

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How can I make an injury stop bleeding?

Apply light pressure to the wound, wrap in a towel, keep a watch, if keeps bleeding go to doctor NOW.

What do i need to give an injury to stop bleeding after one hour?

if the injury has not stopped bleeding after 30 min then its wise to see a doctor. it should not bleed longer than 30 min. if this occurs it means you have done some artery or vein damage and could... Read More »

Have you talked non stop to keep yourself alive after a head injury?

I was once hit on the head by an iron bar wielded by my brother who was practising cricket shots.I was incapable of talking for some time.

Does bankruptcy stop personal injury lawsuits?

Yes, filing bankruptcy, specifically Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can stop most personal injury lawsuits. When you file Chapter 7, the courts will render an automatic stay against creditors, which protec... Read More »