How to Reduce a Fever?

Answer Having a fever is a common ailment that plagues people from childhood well through their adult years. A fever is most commonly defined as a rise in body temperature above the normal level of 98.6 d... Read More »

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How to Reduce Fever for Children?

Low grade fevers are not harmful to children and may boost immunity when allowed to run their course. When a child's body temperature exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.9 degrees Celsius) the child... Read More »

How to Reduce Fever During Pregnancy?

If you have a fever during pregnancy, it is important that you contact your health care provider immediately. It may be something minor like a cold, but it is best not to risk your health or the he... Read More »

How to Reduce a Fever without Medication?

When a child has a fever, most people rush to the medicine cabinet for the acetaminophen. Before you force your kids to choke down all those chemicals, attempt some of these tried and true natural ... Read More »

How to Reduce Fever in a Toddler?

A fever is your body's natural response to infection. It instructs the body to produce more white blood cells and antibodies to help fight the infection. Some researchers believe that it is importa... Read More »