What can you do to get rid of a cold while you are pregnant?

Answer Answer Not a whole lot. I know you can take Sudafed and your Doctor might give you the approval to try something else. Call your Doctor or your Pharmacist for more info.Nothing gets rid of a col... Read More »

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What can be done to deal with a sinus cold while pregnant?

Is Tylenol Cold safe while pregnant?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsTylenol Cold is safe to use while you are pregnant, according to package instructions. Over-the-counter medications, including many cold medicines, are available at ... Read More »

Is robitussin cough and cold safe to use while pregnant?

Yes. Yes it is. Although it's Highly Doubtful that you will succeed in killing the unborn baby. It's recommended that you seek Professional medical help when considering an abortion instead of tr... Read More »

Can you take Tylenol cold head congestion while pregnant?

Birth control pills? No. If you intend to abort do it properly and safely and get yourself to a clinic like Planned Parenthood where you can discuss all your options with medical professionals. Th... Read More »