What can you do to correct it if your lens is stuck in your digital camera?

Answer Yes, it is.

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How do you fix a Kodak digital camera with the lens get stuck?

Try replacing the battery or remove the battery, wait a minute and then put it back in.

What kind of lens fits your Pentax Ist Digital Camera?

The best advice is to take it to a reputable camera repair shop. It may be a small problem such as sand or dust sticking the lens, but then if you try to fix it yourself you could break the camera ... Read More »

Can you get a zoom lens for your digital camera?

It depends on the camera. If it has detachable lenses, there should be a variety of zoom lenses available. Vivitar and Sigma are good manufacturers, and of course your camera manufacturer's offerin... Read More »

How to Repair Lens Problems on Your Digital Camera?

Having trouble with your digital camera lens? Here are some fixes to consider.