What can you do to avoid vaginal itching during pregnancy?

Answer Answer you just need to keep it clean everytime after going to the loo wash yourself with warm soapy water and dry yourself

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What is vaginal discharge during pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge is one sex problems that can be happened during pregnancy. During pregnancy, vaginal discharge might carry tinges of blood.Read full article at onlymyhealth in pregnancy section.

Sex after 4 week of vaginal delivery what precaution should you take to avoid pregnancy?

If possible, use birth control pills and a condom as there is a high risk of pregnancy after birth. Well done for thinking about itYou are advised, however, not to have sex until at least 6 weeks a... Read More »

Is green vaginal discharge during pregnancy normal?

Does vaginal discharge increase or decrease during pregnancy?

Answer Mine increased and ugh what a mess. If yours increases I recommend a panty liner to help keep your panties dry.