What can you do to alleviate dog dandruff?

Answer Dandruff is white, grayish flakes of dead skin. Because animals don't moisturize or bathe daily, it's very common for dogs to have dandruff. dogs can get dandruff when their skin cells die off natu... Read More »

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I have dandruff in 4 years. how to remove dandruff i'm so sad fo that. ?

Hi,You can visit this link for remedies of dandruff:-…

How to Get Rid of Dandruff With Home Remedies for Dandruff?

A lot of people have dandruff problem with their hair and scalp. It is very difficult to remove completely even with shampoo and conditioner that target this problem. However, home remedies work ... Read More »

How can I alleviate an oil burn?

It will be painful for a while. Continue to apply ice. If you have it, apply some aloe vera, or triple antibiotic w/ pain killer in it. You could also take pail reliever, such as tylenol or aspi... Read More »

How to Alleviate Vertigo?

Vertigo is a very frustrating condition which can drastically affect the lives of those who suffer from it. Defined as a sensation of dizziness, spinning or constant motion, vertigo can cause nause... Read More »