I'm really bored, what can i do on the computer for fun?

Answer Have a look at:http://www.studentfreestuff.comhttp://www.extremefunnyhumor.com this Helps!

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I'm really bored. What can a 13 year old do at 8:45pm..?

You never know if you are bored until you've tried these websites:1. - one of the best free gaming websites that I have seen to date on the internet. There are HUNDRED... Read More »

I am really really bored?

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What is there to do on the computer when your bored out of your mind?

Absolutely nothing. The computer creates the boredom you are experiencing. Turn off the computer and get out of the house, even if it's only into your own backyard to look at the stars. Read a boo... Read More »

I'm really bored i'll make the first 5 people who star this question an outfit ?

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