What can you do if someone steals the keyless remote to your car?

Answer Keyless remotes have become a popular way of opening, locking and starting newer models of cars. But if someone steals your remote, you could be faced with a real risk of having your car stolen. Ho... Read More »

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What Should I Do If Someone Steals Money Out of My Checking Account?

Stolen checks, compromised personal identification numbers or PINs and identity theft are among the leading causes of theft from checking accounts. Consumers who discover unauthorized activity on a... Read More »

What is a remote keyless entry?

First introduced in the 1980's, the remote keyless entry system has become nearly standard on most new cars. While the technology and security features of the system have improved over the years, t... Read More »

How can you tell if someone steals or is a thief?

Put ten ten dollars somewhere they can easily see and then leave them alone in that area. If you come back and the money is missing you have the answer to your question.

How can you tell if someone steals your pictures off myspace?

The only way you'll know if someone steals you're pics, is if you either see their profile on MySpace.. or a friend does and informs you. The best way for them to not steal you're pics on MySpace i... Read More »