What can you do if a baby keep throwing up after they eat?

Answer The disease used for the movie Jack in which Robin Williams ages at a fast pace is called Werner Syndrome.

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I keep throwing up after i eat or sleep?

Best thing to do would be to search a doctor immediately.Since you've not provided a lot of info, I cannot help further.-Sleepy.

Why does my baby keep sticking his tongue out and then throwing up?

Infants do seem like they throw up a lot. It can range from a minor spit-up to a major chunder and there doesn't always seem to be a rhyme or reason. However, if your infant is having trouble keepi... Read More »

Will apple keep the 3g iPhone after they make the new one?

It can hold about 3,000 - 4,000 songs in 128 Kbps AAC format.

How do you keep pictures on a wall level They always seem to get crooked after a day or two.?

You can try hanging them with two hooks instead of just one. With one hook in the center of the picture, of course it can be tilted easily. If you use two hooks (each one more towards a corner than... Read More »