What can you do after buying a car if you find a dent on the bumper?

Answer This is an experience that nobody wants to have: Buying a brand-new car only to find a dent in it later on. Whether it happened at the car dealership or at the grocery market later on, you have a f... Read More »

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Where can you find the dvd commentary of bbc sherlock without buying the dvd?

Yes there will be more episodes of Law and Order SVU, but there has been a major shake-up of the cast. Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler) has left the cast for other opportunities in movies and TV... Read More »

How to Find the Correct BTU Rating when Buying a Garage Heater?

Ever been baffled by BTU ratings, and wondered what rating you need when buying a garage heater? Read on...

Is buying hardware to satisfy my sexual needs difficult to find on sale?

I will give you some hardware for free sweety- damn that would sound so much better if I was a guy

Where can I find El Ultimo Agave I found it in Georgia once the guy talked me out of buying Jose?

I have the same problem with Glenfiditch scotch here in Washington state. I order it directly from the distillery now and save a few bucks compared to paying online prices. Unfortunately I do not d... Read More »