What can you do after buying a car if you find a dent on the bumper?

Answer This is an experience that nobody wants to have: Buying a brand-new car only to find a dent in it later on. Whether it happened at the car dealership or at the grocery market later on, you have a f... Read More »

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What did they do for Harvey Dent after he died?

After the death of Harvey Dent, who had become the villain Two-Face, in the film "The Dark Knight," Batman took the blame for the people Dent murdered. Batman made this decision to preserve Dent's ... Read More »

How can I heal a dent scar after peeling off scab ?

Just let it heal naturally. In a few years the scar will probably be unnoticeable.

How should I treat a dent scar after scabed peeled off?

Leave it alone, seriously. I did that before, and a week or two later it healed. I didn't put anything on it, or touch it.

How to get rid of the dent like thing on your face after a wound has healed?

Consult a doctor and do some home remedies to recover the face beauty again