What can you do about Crazy mothers?

Answer If you feel the child is in danger, you can contact child services. Danger as in the child's health and well being is in danger.

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BreastFeeding mothers..Does it drive you crazy.?

Yes this does drive me crazy!The reason it drives me crazy is because breastfeeding was so difficult for me in the begining, but people will just take these excuses as a reason not to breastfeed, a... Read More »

About what percentage of teen mothers keep their babies?

Just over 50 percent of teen mothers keep their babies after giving birth. About 35 percent abort their pregnancy, while 14 percent miscarry. Less than 1 percent of teen moms place their baby up fo... Read More »

Honestly mothers, lets admit, what do you feel guilty about?

I was so mad at Gina (then 3). She was going through the most annoying crabby phase, went on for what seemed like weeks. That wasn't bad enough she started wetting the bed out of no where. She wo... Read More »

What to do about these bugs, please help I am going crazy?

Here are some things to consider:1st, if you have plants, it might be it, I've been there.2nd, you need to get the sun in your room.3rd... BURN COFFEE... THEY WILL VANISH!!!!let me know how those g... Read More »