What can you cook on a griddle?

Answer Griddles are great cooking tools, as there are a variety of foods you can cook on them. Also, most griddles are non-stick, so they're clean with just a quick wipe.BreakfastBreakfast is easy enough ... Read More »

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What can you cook on an electric griddle?

The flat, non-stick surface of an electric griddle is ideal for cooking most breakfast items. And because an electric griddle's heat can be adjusted easily and accurately, it is equally adept at lu... Read More »

At what temperature do you cook a steak on a griddle?

The griddle should be pre-heated to a temperature of 400 degrees, and this is the temperature at which the steak should be cooked. The steak should be marinated or seasoned to taste, and should rea... Read More »

How to Cook on a Flat Iron Griddle?

A flat iron griddle is a flat piece of cast iron cookware that is heated when it's placed over the top of two stove burners. The burners supply the heat from underneath the burner for cooking on th... Read More »

What is a griddle used for?

Griddles are flat cooking surfaces, sometimes with raised ridges, usually made out of cast iron, that either sit atop the stove burners or plug in to the wall. Griddles are used to cook a variety o... Read More »