What can you call a baby?

Answer Honey, sweety, cutie pie, my little angel, sweetheart, newborn. :3

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What do you call a baby panda?

Young giant panda bears and red pandas, which resemble raccoons, are called cubs. Female giant pandas usually give birth to one or two cubs, while a litter of red pandas typically contains one to f... Read More »

What do you call baby alligators?

Baby alligators are called hatchlings. Mother alligators may protect their babies for a full year. Hatchlings grow 3 to 8 inches each year and are deemed adult alligators by the time they are 6 fee... Read More »

What do you call a baby bird?

A baby bird is specifically known as a chick, while all animals that come from eggs are referred to as hatchlings. Baby birds keep the chick or hatchling nickname until they can leave the nest on t... Read More »

What do you call a baby chimpanzee?

Officially, the term "chimpanzee" applies to all ages and stages of life of the animal. Colloquially, the term "chimp" or "baby chimp" may be applied. According to, the term "chimp" ... Read More »