What can you bring on southwest airlines?

Answer Like other airlines, Southwest has strict regulations regarding baggage and other items that you can bring with you. Since regulations are always in a state of flux, it is best to check with the ai... Read More »

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Can you bring food on southwest airlines?

There are no rules against bringing food onto Southwest Airlines flights. If you try to bring liquids through security, however, they may be taken away from you. Some foods such as peanut butter or... Read More »

What is the product mix for southwest airlines?

A company's "product mix," according to Creighton University, refers to its various product lines. Everything Southwest Airlines offers its customers is part of its product mix.Airline FlightsSouth... Read More »

What are DING fares on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has developed an application called DING! to provide special savings to its customers. Users download the application to their computers, and designate up to 10 preferred airport... Read More »

What aircraft does Southwest Airlines use?

Southwest Airlines flies three models of aircraft: 737-300, 737-500 and 737-700. Southwest Airlines first operated a fleet of three Boeing 737s in 1971, and as of 2009, the company operates 537 Boe... Read More »