What can you become with an associate degree in sociology?

Answer According to the American Sociological Society, sociology is the study of society, the behavior of humans as social beings, and a social science involving the study of the social lives of people, g... Read More »

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Can I become an NP with an RN associate degree?

A nurse practitioner (NP) needs to possess a master's degree. A registered nurse (RN) with an associate degree who wishes to become a nurse practitioner must complete her bachelor's and master's de... Read More »

You can become an Preschool teache with a Associate Degree right?

I like the answer that you received that, yes, in most cases but plan on going on for your Bacherlor's Degree. It varies from area to area but if many are starting to require more education and th... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between an Associate in Arts Degree & an Associate in Science Degree?

Associate degrees provide two years of full-time study. This type of academic degree provides a basic grounding in the humanities as well as the core curriculum of arts or science courses. Although... Read More »

What is an associate of applied science degree and an associate degree?

Being a college graduate does not necessarily mean completing four years of college. There are many different types of degrees, including associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees, ea... Read More »