What can we do to avoid crying when pealing onions?

Answer Sometimes it helps to wet them first or do it under running water. But this doesn't always work.2 ways that always work are :1. Use a blender2 Give them to your partner to do

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How can i avoid crying when cutting onions?

The Secret to Cutting Onions Without CryindWhy must people suffer the tears and stinging eyes that result from slicing and dicing onions? It seems a shame that the painful preparation of this tasty... Read More »

How do u cut onions without crying?

It may sound funny, but I put on a pair of swim goggles. It works like a charm.

How can I cut onions without crying?

Chewing seems to work ... my grandma said chew a piece of parsley.Also cut at waist level (not on the worktop) and make sure that the air isn't rising towards your eyes.

How do you cut onions without crying?

You have to chew something while youre cutting it.For example:1- Insert a piece of bread in yor mouth2- start chewing it3-Start cutting the onion.