What is an Arizona crossing?

Answer Arizona's desert valley floor is composed of hard caliche and sandy gravels, absorbing little water during rainfall. Most precipitation runs off the surface, forming numerous arroyos which remain d... Read More »

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What is Arizona like?

Scottsdale is really close to Phoenix, and its a GORGEOUS place! Scottsdale is a large but cute area. As far as landscape and climate, it is indeed very hot, but its a dry heat. The area is surroun... Read More »

What Flowers to Plant in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has a dry climate with very little rain. Temperatures in the state vary greatly between the seasons and from one place to another. The southwest regions get the most sunshine a... Read More »

What was the first AriZona tea flavor?

The first AriZona tea flavor was lemon. AriZona Beverage Co. founders John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio got their start selling beer out of the back of a Volkswagen before they expanded into tea. Ari... Read More »

What Are the Main Jobs in Arizona?

Looking for a job in Arizona can be difficult unless you know the recent trends in the job market. Job industries provide detailed information to employment and government websites where the data i... Read More »