What can uric acid in the blood mean?

Answer Uric acid is a waste product that the body produces when it is breaking down purine in food such as meat and organ meat. The condition may result in health concerns such as kidney disease, kidney s... Read More »

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Uric Acid Metabolism?

The Mayo Clinic describes uric acid as a byproduct of purines, a natural substance in foods. The uric acid then finds its way to the kidneys, which extract it from the bloodstream and dilute it in ... Read More »

What foods can lower uric acid?

Uric acid, a natural result of food processing in the kidneys, can become problematic in many medical conditions, including gout. Lowering uric acid levels through dietary intake can be beneficial ... Read More »

What Raises Uric Acid Levels?

High uric acid levels, also called hyperuricemia, may not cause any problems. However, for some, elevated uric acid can lead to painful gout attacks, kidney stones and even kidney failure.

Is cow tongue high in uric acid?

Cow tongue is an organ meat. Organ meats, including cow tongue, have higher levels of uric acid, which can contribute to the development of gout. Limited consumption of foods high in uric acid will... Read More »