What can they do about a bad tooth?

Answer Depends on why it is sore. It may require a filling, it may require a root canal or it may require extraction. A tooth can only withstand a certain amount of decay. In the simplest terms, the more ... Read More »

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What about a Mandibular tooth coming in behind another tooth - both deciduous?

The tooth that is coming in behind the mandibular tooth is not deciduous, it will be a permanent tooth. These permanent mandibular teeth should be coming in anywhere from 6-10 years of age.

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What do you do about a gap in your two front teeth that is about the size to fit another tooth?

Answer With the gap like this, it is usually the recommendation that you have the laboratory ( the Dental Technician ) to make two crowns on you two teeth on both sides of the gap. Your dentist sho... Read More »

When they refill a tooth do they use anesthesia[pain killer-or w/e]!?

When you have your tooth filled they will use a local anasthetic, its just a small injection that feels a bit like a scratch. it will hurt but only for a second then they will either ask you to go ... Read More »