What can the average person do to stop gambling?

Answer After months or years of compulsive gambling, you have finally realized that you have a problem. But you are not a superstar with thousands of dollars to blow on a fancy treatment program in the Ho... Read More »

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When a person dies of cancer, what makes the heart stop beating, and the person stop breathing?

I'm an MD - cancer specialist for 20 years (now retired), so I've seen the deaths of many of my patients with advanced cancers - - been there at the bedside. The body just seems overwhelmed in th... Read More »

How can I stop gambling?

People who struggle with gambling may lie about gambling, feel guilty about gambling and gamble with money that should be used on other things (like household expenses). Compulsive gambling is extr... Read More »

How do I stop gambling?

Gambling excessively is a serious problem that doesn't just affect your financial security. It may not gain as much attention as more apparent addictions such as alcohol or drug use, but gambling c... Read More »

How to Stop Lottery Gambling?

Lottery and gambling addictions have the potential to not only empty your wallet, but also to destroy your family life. A compulsive gambler is unable to stop gambling even if he is aware of the ha... Read More »