What can termite damage do to your home?

Answer On One Hand: Termites Primarily Damage WoodSince termites mostly eat wood, they are more likely to damage wooden homes or the parts of a home that are made from wood, which can weaken the structure... Read More »

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Home Inspection for Termite Damage?

Although killing termites is best left to professional exterminators, checking a house for termite damage can be done by anyone. If any signs of damage are seen, then you will know when it is time ... Read More »

Does home insurance cover termite damage?

On One Hand: Termites Are Your ResponsibilityHome insurance generally does not cover termite damage. explains that termites are considered to be a maintenance issue, which is the respo... Read More »

Vegans, what if your home had a termite infestation?

You would have to live in a cave or a bark hut or a tent like tee-pee or something or sleep completely under the stars to be absolutely true to the bugs. Thousands of bugs would have been killed wh... Read More »

Termite Damage in Trees?

Termites can cause a multitude of problems if they invade your property, and an early target will be your trees. According to, termites favor areas with a high population of trees and... Read More »